In 2010 UK had the third biggest deficit in the EU. The response has been extensive cuts to public sector jobs, public sector services and welfare benefits. Meet Eve Featherstone who lost her job after working 25 years in a local council, and Healah Riazi who heard they were cutting the fundings to a shelter for trafficked women and decided to do something about it.

Healah Riazi decided to do something for The Poppy Project

You can always do something
Women across the board are affected by the cuts. Since 2003 The Poppy Project have been reaching out to women who’ve been exploited and sold as prostitutes in the UK. In April they had their funding withdrawn. When Healah Riazi heard about the Poppy Project losing their funding she decided to do something about it and organize a fundraising. Click on the image to hear her story.

Eve Featherstone lost her job after 25 years

Sorry You’re Leaving
Eve Featherstone is 55 years old. She’d been working in a local council for 25 years when she had to leave becuase of the cuts. Since November last year she’s a member of Women Against the Cuts, a group of women from all over the UK protesting against the cuts hitting women disproportionally. Click on the image to see the soundslide.




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