The gender impact of the cuts has been in the media


In May, London Metropolitan Univeristy organized a seminar about fairness, equality and austerity at The Law Society


Anna Bird, director of The Fawcett Society, UK's leading equality charity, participated in the seminar at The Law Society

The seminar at The Law Society was open to everyone

Susan Himmelweit, Professor of Economics at The Open Univeristy in London and part of Women's Budget Group

Healah Riazi organized a fundraising when she found out The Poppy Project, a support organization for trafficked women, was subject to cuts in funding

Eaves Housing is the women's charity responsible for the The Poppy Project

After working 25 years in a local council Eve Featherstone had to quit due to the cuts

Eve Featherstone is part of Women Against the Cuts, a group of women protesting against the cuts disproportionally affecting women

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